Cryxon® crystal light therapy

Light parts

Main unit

The main unit contains the light source, the electronics, the battery and the port needed for the operation. It is suitable for hand-held operation, but with the help of the base it can also be positioned stably on a desk, or with the help of the threaded nut at the bottom of the base, it can be mounted onto a standard tripod and used as a portable device as well.

Crystal adapter

The crystal adapter is meant to carry the crystal itself, as well as causes the crystals to be replaceable by means of magnetic fastening. As a result, it allows for various kinds of crystals with different characteristics to be used.
The fastening of the crystal adapter is ensured by 4+4 neodymium magnets, 4 of which are built into the main unit, while the other 4 are installed inside the crystal adapter. These magnets are strong enough to keep the crystal adapter in place on the crystal light, while also allowing its replacement.
Before the device is used, the crystal adapter must be placed on the head part of the crystal light and you should only start its operation afterwards.

The light also has a built-in safety feature, which prevents the light source from being switched on without the crystal adapter.
If the crystal adapter is removed during operation, the safety feature detects it and suspends the operation of the light source immediately.
This security measure is necessary, because the high intensity light source can be harmful to the human eye and harm one’s vision.


The base is meant to ensure that the device can be used in a way that the operator’s hands do not need to be occupied during the treatment, i.e. it eliminates the need for the operator to have to hold the light in his or her hand.
As a result, it provides a chance for longer operation, which would otherwise be inconvenient if the light had to be hand-held. Furthermore, this way the light can be aimed in a more stable manner.
The base also contains a counter-weight, which prevents the base from overbalancing.
The threaded fastening nut of a standard tripod can be screwed into the bottom of the base, which ensures that the device remains portable even when it is fixed.

Power supply

The device is equipped with dual energy supply, which translates to both electric power and battery supplies in practice. Only one type of power supply may be used at a time.


The battery is non-replaceable as it is built into the device, which ensures that the light remains mobile and its operation independent of any power grid. The battery management is fully monitored by the device, providing for the longest possible lifetime and capacity as a result. It checks the charging of the battery and protects it from reaching excessively low charge levels.

If the power adapter is not connected, the device begins its operation using the battery:

  • If the remaining charge level of the battery exceeds 30%, the operation of the device can be started.
  • If the remaining charge level of the battery is between 5% and 30%, the operation of the device can be started, but the device gives off a warning signal once the remaining charge level falls below 5%. When the battery runs out, the device stops its operation without any further warning, and switches off automatically in order to protect the battery from deep discharge.
  • If the remaining charge level of the battery is below 5%, a warning sign appears on the display, the device gives off a signal and the operation of the device cannot be initiated.
  • If the power adaptor is connected to the power supply before the battery runs out completely, even while the device is still operating, the device switches to electrical source and can continue its operation.

If the power adaptor is connected to the device, the device automatically starts recharging the battery once its charge level falls below 80%. The amount of time it takes for the battery to recharge depends on its current charge level.

  • Minimum recharge time: 20 minutes
  • Maximum recharge time: 2 hours

The current status of the recharge process can be checked on the display. Upon completion the device gives off an audio signal, the background color of the display changes to green, and then after 5 minutes it switches off completely.

Checking of battery level
If the device is on, the battery level can be checked in the main menu („Usage” and „Settings” menu options)
If you press the Turn off button for a short while, a battery icon and the charge level expressed in percentage or with numerical values are displayed.

Magnetic power

The device contains several built-in magnets capable of creating large magnetic fields. Therefore, it should only be used in areas where the magnetic field generated does not interfere adversely with the operation of other electrical equipments.

Electrical supply

This device may only be used with 100-240V AC and 50/60 Hz.

Front panel

Front panel

Menu system

Each function of the device can be operated using the 4-button foil keyboard.
Thanks to their structure, it is not necessary to apply extensive force when pressing the keyboard buttons.

Menu system


  • Press the ‘M’ button to input (store) the previously set values.
  • Press Turn off once at any time to return to the previous menu option.

The handling of the menu

  • Use the ‘+/-’ buttons to move between the individual menu options.
  • The currently selected menu is always displayed wih an inverted background.
  • Use the ‘M’ button to enter the current menu.
  • Use the ‘+/-’ buttons to set (increase or decrease) the values (crystal selection, time, colours) as appropriate.

How to use it


Use the Switch-on button to switch on the device. Press it firmly for a second or two to start the operation. If the power adaptor is connected first, the device turns on automatically, and then switches off.

If the power adaptor is already connected, the device automatically selects the electrical supply as its source of power.


Press the Switch-off button firmly for 3 to 4 seconds to switch off the device. In case the device is connected to the power adapter, it remains operational even after it is switched off.

If you leave the power adaptor connected to the device, then it automatically starts recharging once the device is switched off, and the battery level drops below 80%. The battery recharge process can be interrupted at any time by switching on the device. Please note that it is not possible to recharge the battery while you are also using the device.

Usage menu option

  1. Once you switch on the device the main menu is displayed.
  2. Select the ‘Usage’ menu option (‘+/-’ buttons).
  3. Enter the ’Usage’ menu option (‘M’ button).
  4. Select a crystal type (‘+/-’ buttons).
  5. Confirm the selected crystal type (‘M’ button).
  6. Select the proper illumination light colour for the operation (‘+/-’ buttons).
  7. Confirm the selected colour (‘M’ button).
  8. Set the length of use. You can advance in terms of minutes (‘+/-’ buttons).
  9. Start the operation for the length of time set (‘M’ button).

The device only switches on the light source if the appropriate crystal adaptor has been placed at the proper spot on the main unit.
Otherwise, the device waits for one minute for the crystal adapter to be put in place. If it does not detect a crystal adaptor in place during this time, the device interrupts the operation and reverts to the selection of the crystal type in the menu system.

If it detects a crystal adapter on the main unit, the device starts to illuminate the crystal, and the display shows the countdown from the point of time set. Once the set time period has elapsed, the device gives off a signal and reverts to the crystal selection menu option in the menu system in order for a new cycle of operation to be started.

Settings menu option


The CRYXON® Crystal Light Therapy includes a standard built-in multi-lingual menu system. In practice this means that using the “Languages” menu, you can, set the menu system to any one of the 14 available languages at any time. The device stores the selected setting in its memory, therefore, it will use the same language from this point going forward.

Figure 3 shows a list of the supported languages under the “Languages” menu option.

When the device is first switched on, the “Languages” menu pops up immediately, making sure that its users can begin instant operation.
By default, the menu system is displayed in Hungarian language at first.
Each language appears on the list with the right wording and characters appropriate for the particular language, therefore, the users of each language can quickly and easily identify the right menu option for their chosen language.

Important: Once you have selected and confirmed your chosen language (‘M’ button), the device restarts automatically and displays the menu system, which corresponds to the set language. From that point on, the device will communicate using this selected language.

Default settings

By selecting this menu you can restore your device to the manufacturer’s default settings.
The device will switch off after you confirm your choice by pressing the ‘+’ button. When the device is next switched on, the language selection menu is displayed again first.
You can cancel this option by pressing the ‘-’ button.


The test menu offers the following options:

  • LED test
  • LCD test
  • Cooling test
  • Temperature
  • Battery test
  • Crystal adaptor sensory test

You can interrupt the test process by pressing the Test button. Once the full series of tests has been completed, the device switches to the main menu automatically.

Technical data


Power adaptor / recharger 5,5/2,1 mm (PC-GK2.1)

Main parameters

Power adapter voltage SMPS – 100 ~ 240VAC, 50/60Hz
Energy consumption Max.: 10W (during battery recharge)
Display Monochrome graphic, 32x128 pixel
Keyboard 4-button foil keyboard
Crystal adapter fastening 4+4 neodymium magnets
Weight Approx.: 650 g
Size 140 (width) x 240 (height) x 45 (depth) mm
Operating temperature 0 ~ 45 °C
Storage temperature -10 ~ 60 °C

Technical parameters

Red base color wave length 625 nm
Green base color wave length 525 nm
Blue base color wave length 460 nm
Timer 1..30 minutes
Display background light RGB